Happy New Year!

If you are reading this, thank God you made it through 2020!

I find myself hopeful for 2021. I love consecutive numbers. They suggest a pattern and a sure “next”. I find comfort in sequences. So, I know that 2021 will continue to allow me to grow.

The biggest thing I learned in 2020 is that I am capable. Of course, I understood this on some level. I have 2 college degrees and 35+ years of work experience. But I discovered that I could learn new things.

The pandemic shutdown gave me time to THINK! I was able to explore life options and consider what changes I could make in my life. I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a life coach certification program. I am now a CERTIFIED RELATIONSHIP COACH! I also opened a coaching practice.

If that isn’t enough, I learned a whole bunch of technology! Meeting platforms, scheduling apps, payment apps, Instagram stories, Clubhouse rooms… I have shied away from using lots of tech, but it is imperative if you are running an online business.

I also caught a creativity bug! I have always been a little crafty, but in 2020 I used my skills to create floral pins from Ankara fabric. I also learned how to use Wonder Under!

As I have grown, so has Further Her. Our shop now includes a note card line. There are 3 sets, each focused on how you can “further” her. Further Her with Him, Further Her in Leadership and Further Her with Heart each contain 12 different cards that you can use to encourage her.

If I can do all of that during a worldwide health crisis, 2021 can’t be that scary. What lessons from 2020 are you bringing into the new year?

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