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Further Her In Action
This is our community service space.  We have blessed the community in many ways, including:

    •   Thermal tote drives for the NICU at Einstein and Bryn Mawr hospitals           and the Sickle Cell Disease Center at Children's Hospital of                           Philadelphia 
    •   Period Kit drives for Edmunds School and the Salvation Army

         Drop-In  Center
    •    Home Cook Heroes at the Gift of Life Family House
    •    Girls’ restroom makeover at Add B. Anderson School
    •    Parents’ holiday gift drive for Ronald McDonald House


With a degree in Psychology, Robyn has had many opportunities to help. She and her husband facilitate marriage and pre-marital counseling with couples at varied stages of their relationship. They conduct these sessions in person preferably, but have done virtual sessions when needed.   


Robyn has also counseled women who have experienced child loss, those who have adopted, and those who are merging lives in later stages of life. Please inquire about these services should you have questions. 
The Parent's Literacy Coach 

Robyn J. Murphy is an educator by training.  She has undergraduate degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology, with a minor in English. Her Master’s degree is in Reading Education.  After working in schools as a classroom teacher and reading specialist, she has coached teachers in grades Pre-K through twelve, all across the country, on strategies to help them be better teachers of reading.  She has also shared literacy information with parents through workshops and personal diagnostics. Should you need assistance in this area, please let us know. 
The Proof 
While she has many years of education in reading and English, Robyn also has an eye for finding typos, incorrect grammar and inconsistencies in print. She has proofread books, theses, and a wide range of other documents. Should you need these services, please reach out. 

The FellowsHop Boutique 
For nearly 5 years, Robyn has been a consultant for Thirty-One, a direct sales company.  To view the various items and make purchases you can visit her website at

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